A new definition of “All-rounder mid-range 4K smart TV”

Update: 15 April 2022 by Mr. Kled

Nowadays, when we talk about TV, it seems that we always want to give it a label, maybe it‘ for games, watching movies, or smart interconnection. In fact, in the Thai TV market, the main consumer groups are not all audiophiles, but basic needs. For ordinary families they need a mid-range TV, the most attractive thing for consumers is a cost-effective product with comprehensive functions and excellent quality. If you are the one of these people, then Toshiba’s new mid-range 4K Smart TV M550L will change your mindset. Or I should say M550L is the new definition of the “All-rounder mid-range 4K smart TV” that perfectly matches the users who want to step up from the entry 4K TVs.

Originating from Japan, with an endless passion for better viewing experience

There is no doubt that most of the people know about Toshiba TV brand, but its history is not well-known. So let me explain a bit about a story behind Toshiba TV brand. In 1952, Toshiba began to explore the field of television, aiming for the great viewing experience and state-of-the-art quality. Their endless effort and Japanese craftmanship have made many innovative TV devices such as world’s first black stripe color TV, overdriven LCD TV, and world’s first glasses-free 3D TV. After 70 years of development, Toshiba TV has created a world-leading technology accumulation and brand strength with its pursuit of the ultimate, high-end quality and Japanese aesthetics.M550L has the REGZA Engine 4K Pro Processor, and it also has a history.  the “REGZA” is the brand name for Toshiba TV in Japan market since 2006. This brand name was established in the early time of digital TV era. The word REGZA comes from the German “Regsam”, which has a dynamic meaning and is also the abbreviation of “Real Expression Guaranteed by amazing Architecture”, representing the eternal pursuit and passion of Toshiba TV developers for making better TVs for everyone.  Since the born of the REGZA, many innovative features, such as “double window,” “full automatic picture optimization,” “time-shift machine (6-channel simultaneous recording for 24 hours a day”), and the game mode, have been introduced for great viewing experiences. M550L is the iconic 70th-anniversary model that succeeds the passion and concept of the Toshiba TV brand and REGZA.

Essential beauty for elegant appearance and better viewing experience

Whether it is the mobile phone market or the TV market, in order to give customers a better viewing experience, the pursuit of the ultimate full screen has become an important design, and M550L has Bezelless Design this year, the distinctive minimalist artistic appearance not only makes a deep impression, but also is a result of developers’ effort to maximize the immersive experiences by eliminating possible visual noise that comes from shiny frames. We are in a quality-oriented era, Toshiba TV also takes into account how to design products to suit different home decoration styles. As a matter of fact, M550L is equipped with an elegant black front frame that can be well-blended with living room.; The Pure Metal stand also makes TV look more stable and elegant!

Quantum dot color and local dimming for an immersive experience

M550L is the succeeding model from the last-year model M550KP. Most people would think that M550L is almost the same as its last-year model, but actually, it’s not! As a result of the developers’ passion for better picture quality, M550L has evolved with its newly equipped quantum dot color technology and full-array local dimming, which make a clear difference from the last-year model in picture quality. The quantum-dot color (also known as QLED or QD-LED) is a technology to provide more vivid and richer colors. With this technology, you can see more natural pure colors such as red roses. Nowadays many TVs equip the quantum dot displays but the most important thing is how to reduce the too saturated colors and reproduce the “original color” that the object in front of the camera has. The REGZA Engine 4K Pro in M550L has many restoration technologies such as wide color gamut restoration, and HDR restoration. These are the key factors to improve the accuracy in reproducing the colors of the original image. The full-array local dimming also is another key factor for the big evolution.

It is a back-light control technology that divides a TV’s LED backlights into zones. Each zone can be individually controlled to improve the contrast. The LED zones behind the darker image portions will be dimmed for deeper black while the LED zones behind the brighter portions can be brighter or shiner to reproduce the dynamic range of the original source image.

In addition, the matching of the display and the engine is yet another key factor. M550L is finely tuned by picture professionals in Japan laboratory to maximize the accuracy of color and contrast with a combination of the engine and the display. As a result, M550L can provide much richer colors and great contrast that bring breath-taking picture quality. Powered by the Dolby Vision-Atmos, it brings a theatre-level cinema experience to life.

Surround speakers, cinematic experience

In terms of sound quality,  M550L has no ambiguity. In order to let users feel the enjoyment by TV in all aspects, good sound quality is very important. Toshiba has built-in full-range audio system “REGZA Power Audio Pro” for M550L. This is no longer like only one speaker in the TV. Add a 25W woofer allows the audio to reach 49W, achieves independent mid-high bass, and the tri-band transition is more natural, bringing more immersive sound quality enjoyment. The concept of Toshiba TV’s sound quality is to make the sound as clear as possible and let the sound comes directly from the display. To achieve this, M550L’s. To implement this concept and pull out the maximum potential of the powerful sound system, M550L’s sound system is fully tuned by its hardware design, as well as by optimizing the amplifier configuration. Therefore, the reality and impact of the sound will lead you to a deeper level of immersive experience.

Perfect fit to game freaks

Today, many people are enjoying the TV games such as first-person shooting, rhythm games, racing games, and eSports. Toshiba TV is one of the brands that introduced the “game mode” into TV in its early digital TV era. TV has many picture modes like vivid, normal, and movies, and these modes have 200-300ms of signal processing time to produce the great picture quality, though this processing is the key factor for the picture quality but is a very critical delay when playing timing-aware games. To solve this problem, Toshiba TVs have introduced its original FIFO (first-in-first-out) memory transfer technology and optimized pipeline architecture for the picture processing for the game mode. The new picture processing units were developed for the game mode to reduce the processing time and to keep the picture quality acceptable for an immersive gaming experience, Toshiba TVs have been marked as “gaming TV with excellent picture quality”, especially in Japan market. In addition, M550L has many gaming-aware features such as VRR, ALLM, and eARC. These features specified in HDMI greatly help in providing a smoother picture and comfortable gaming experience. With the combination of the quantum dot color display, REGZA Power Audio Pro, and the game mode definitely makes M550L the “MUST-HAVE” TV for gaming.

This is the story about M550L. It changed the image of mid-range 4K TV, isn’t it? Toshiba’s new mid-range 4K smart TV M550L is not only the iconic TV model for Toshiba’s 70th-anniversary models but is a specially made TV with the endless passion of the Toshiba TV developers’ pursuit for a better viewing experience. Considering its picture quality, powerful real sound, and features, it can be said that it is more than a mid-range 4K TV but is closer to high-end TVs. Unfortunately, its smart features are not introduced here, but it is built as Google TV so you can enjoy as many contents and games as you want instantly. In conclusion, this model is the new definition of the true all-rounder mid-range 4K smart TV that you want to have.